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PatronScan is the world's best ID scanner.

Choose your identity

Fake ID Scanner

Spot fake IDs with the PatronScan fake ID scanner and keep minors out of your dispensary.

Your best defense against fake and novelty IDs is to provide vigilant staff with the world’s best fake ID scanner for marijuana retailers.

ID Scanner for Dispensaries

Do you really need the world’s best ID scanner for dispensaries?

Watch this video to find out what makes PatronScan the world’s best fake ID scanner, and why you need it for your marijuana dispensary.

Challenge Questions

Challenge questions are used by your staff if they suspect that the ID that a patron is presenting is not legitimate.

You need a fake ID scanner that will provide your staff with challenge questions so they can ask a question or two and monitor the body language of the patron.

Keep Troublemakers Out

Spotting troublemakers is hard. PatronScan will alert you when someone has been banned from another cannabis retailer.

You will be told exactly why they have been banned, so you can decide whether to do business with this person.

Avoid Trouble with the Police

Underage Patrons, criminals, and troublemakers can attract police to your establishment for the wrong reasons.

Police in North America recommend PatronScan ID scanners as a way to prevent trouble and keep your dispensary safe.


Stunning Reports

PatronScan ID Scanners provide you with up-to-the-minute reporting statistics. Live stats are sent to your mobile phone every 30 minutes.

PatronScan Reports will be delivered to your email every day, week, and month, providing you insights you can use to grow your revenue and your profits.


Sophisticated Businesses use Sophisticated Technology

Using the most sophisticated ID scanner at your dispensary makes a statement to your patrons that you run a sophisticated business.

Scanning your patrons ID shows that you care about their safety, and that you are a responsible vendor of age-restricted products.

Sophisticated Businesses use Sophisticated Technology