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21 Apr


ID Scanners for Bars & Nightclubs

April 21, 2014 | By |

The PatronScan solution is the most advanced ID scanners for bars & nightclubs and incident tracking system in the market today. PatronScan increases the ability for your staff to recognize patrons that should not be allowed into your club. PatronScan is linked to a central database of incidents from all establishments using the PatronScan system. It is the doorman that never forgets a face. PatronScan supports scanning of any government-issued IDs and passports.

PatronScan enhances the security of your establishment and of your patrons by making patrons more accountable for their actions. PatronScan will record the name, age, and photograph from your patron’s identification as well as a live image of the patron. This information is captured and stored according to Gaming and Liquor regulations and in accordance with privacy laws. If there is an incident within your establishment, PatronScan allows you to create an incident record for the problem patron(s) so that you will be notified the next time the patron(s) tries to enter your establishment. If a patron has an incident at another establishment using the Servall system, you will be notified of this incident as they try to enter your establishment. Your staff will be alerted with detailed incident descriptions on problem patrons at their point of entry, enabling them to make a sensible decision as to who they allow into your establishment

With the current environment surrounding ID scanners for bars and nightclubs, Servall Biometrics has created PatronScan to ensure maximum ease of use for door security staff while protecting the valued privacy of each patron. Before entering any jurisdiction we contact the proper regulatory body such as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and provide them with all necessary documents. We also use their feedback to ensure our application continues to be as privacy-aware as possible. By implementing these best practices, we only collect the name, age, and photograph from the ID or passport. We also permenantly delete all personal information from non-incident patrons after 90 days of its collection.