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06 Aug


PSL Intro

August 6, 2014 | By |

Find Suspects, Victims, and Witnesses

PatronScan provides police officers with a public safety link into the PatronScan system. This allows police officers responding to an incident at a nightclub venue to advance their investigation rapidly, solving more cases quicker.

Investigation process aided by Public Safety Link

PatronScan collects identifying information about patrons entering nightclubs, and stores it in our secure database. Upon launching an investigation, a police officer can contact PatronScan and request specific information be made available to them through the public safety link.

E.g. Request information for XS Nightclub patrons entering between 11:00pm July 3rd and 1:30am July 4th.

The information is then made available to the officer in the PatronScan Public Safety Link, allowing them to view live shots captured from a high definition camera of each patron entering the venue, along with a copy of the image from their identification. Police can tag patrons to request more detailed information. This allows police officers to quickly identify potential suspects, victims, and witnesses. Using these images, a photo line-up can be created on the spot to be used for suspect identification.

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Quickly scan through the patrons entering the venue. Tag the patrons to create a photo line up instantly.

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